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Custom Solutions Provided in EasyLanguage

Neal Weintraub's
The Weintraub Day Trader Software

for Omega's TradeStation and SuperCharts

Neal T. Weintraub, floor trader, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), Chicago Mercantile Exchange Instructor, founder of The Commodity Boot Camp and author of both The Weintraub Day Trader and Tricks of the Trader now offers his famous Weintraub Day Trader for Omega owners. His Pivot Point Analysis, the heart of the Day Trader method, has been featured as a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal. As a CME instructor, Neal teaches these same techniques to floor traders who rely on the numbers to gain an edge on the highly competitive trading floors in Chicago.

Floor traders use these same secret numbers to "pick off" the uninformed orders flowing in from the public.

Neal says... "Stop trading like the public!"

As you know, most non-professional traders consistently lose money in the markets. As a floor trader, Neal sees all the orders flowing in from people who are buying at the highs and selling at the lows. Isn't this just the opposite of how it should be? Remember, markets usually behave like a rubber band. The more stretched in one direction, the greater the likelihood that at some point they will eventually snap back to an equilibrium point. Then they stretch the other way, only to later return to another balance point. Like a marble rolling back and forth in a bowl, eventually the market equalizes at the point where buyers and sellers are in a balanced state.

Then some "price shock" occurs and the process repeats all over again... forever. That's what markets do! But most traders are letting emotion get in the way of good trade placement. The sad thing is, it does not have to be this way.

Predict Tomorrow's Prices
"Buy the dumps and sell the humps - and don't diddle in the middle."

The Weintraub Day Trader Software lets you anticipate the next day's high or low. In other words, you will know where the Livel I support and resistance pivots are likely to develop. Since you will also have the Level II pivot calculations, you'll be fully prepared for those big range days. You know, those days that prices take off and don't look back. With the Level II pivot points, you'll be armed and ready for them too! The Weintraub Day Trader instantly calculates and graphically displays where the four levels of support and resistance will develop and can alert you when these levels are violated, indicating likely acceleration of upside or downside price action. Just like the marble that settles at the bottom of the bowl, with the Mid-Pivot calculations, you'll know where the market's daily equilibrium is and how to capitalize on that too! It's like having a road map to upcoming price action! Know the exact prices likely to halt the final wave of buying or selling and, if the Level I pivots are violated, be prepared for the next probable reversal pivot point.

Harness the Synergy of Your Favorite Indicators...
Enhance the power of the Pivot Points!

Consider some of the ways that you can use the information gained by knowing the expected pivot points. If prices advance to the first precalculated pivot resistance level and one or more of your favorite oscillators have moved into the overbought territory, you'll have a lot more confidence in the sell signal. This added confidence means peace of mind and better decision making ability.

Stop Those Whipsaws Too!

However, if prices reach the first resistance level and your other tools are no where near overbought, you can anticipate that prices will zoom through the first level and probably head to the second precalculated resistance pivot point. The breakout above Level I resistance pivot then becomes an excellent place to set stops, stop and reverse, or add to already profitable positions. The Level II resistance pivot can then become the anticipated profit target, and once it's hit, you can refer to your other indicators for confirmation that a new potential top is forming. Of course the logic is simply reversed for Pivot Point support levels. You can also experiment on your own to develop other synergistic ways to combine indicators. You can develop your own trading "system" that no one else is using!

Use the Pivot Points for Longer Term Analysis!

The same logic in the calculation of daily pivots can also be used to set weekly or monthly targets. The math works on any time frame bar, so you're not limited to just daily targets. Imagine the power of multiple time frames "lining up" to produce similar targets. For instance, it's possible that you could get daily, weekly and monthly support or resistance pivot points to develop at nearly identical price levels. This should make an excellent low risk entry point with a very nice risk/reward ratio.

The Trend Is Your Friend... If You Can Find It!

You've heard it a thousand times, but it's true! The trend really is your friend. The problem is, everyone defines "trend" in different ways. You've tried Moving Averages, Trendlines, ADX, Cycles, etc. They all help but there's still something missing. Neal's decided to take trend identification to the master's level. Remember, Neal taught his Pivot Point techniques long before the seminar "gurus" began charging thousands of dollars to attend their workshops, so you are learning from the teacher, not his students. Since the Pivot Point works so well, Neal asked himself, "Why not use them to define trend?"

Double Barrel Trend Tactics...
The 3x1 and 7x5 Trend Indicators
Shotguns with a Scope!

Neal put on his research hat and discovered a way to combine the power of pivot Point Analysis with the typical floor trader's mind set. They practivcally memorize the prior price action over the last 3 to 5 days and they remember the turning points that halted nearly every advance or decline during that period. So he has adapted this knowledge of pivots and the average floor trader's mentatlity to design a pair of sure fire trend identifiers which are derived from the pivots themselves. The logic is simple, yet brilliant. Each day, you compare the daily pivot numbers with these trend tools. If the central pivot point (Mid-Pivot) is above either the 3x1 or 7x5 and the current price action is bullish, the trend is up. If it is below them, and current price action is bearish, the trend is down. These at-a-glance trend identifiers will help keep you on the right side of the market without using any complicated indicators that usually give off ambiguous signals anyway. Simple but effective, just like the pivots themselves.

Power Users - Harness The Wisdom Of
The Weintraub Pivot Point
Write Your Own Code To Create New
Systems Or Enhance Your Current Methods!

Since the pivots are so powerful at defining support and resistance, they should add real benefit to system designers. Because of this, we've converted the logic of them into "User Functions" which you can "call" from your personally written EasyLanguage code. By inserting the name of the User Function into your own programming code, you'll be able to test various strategies to design your own custom indicators or systems. This is a feature not found in most software, and can really help you customize the pivots to your style of trading. For instance, you can insert the User Function(s) into your own custom systems and perform "what if" historical tests (optimizations) like these:

If your favorite Oscillator is overbought and you hit the Livel I or Level II resistance pivot, is this a good place to take profits on long positions or to go short?
If prices zoom through the first support or resistance level, is it a good place to enter a trade or add to an existing position?
If prices blast through the Level I pivots intraday, yet close back inside the pivot point, can you expect a reversal to form?
Do the pivot points offer a good location to set stops or to reverse a position?
Do the weekly pivot point targets offer any clues when the raily pivots are saying the same thing?

The possibilities are almost endless. Nothing stands in the way of a good idea. With these tools you'll be able to customize the pivot points to your style of trading and risk tolerance levels. You'll be able to design systems that no one else is using.

Note: This feature is not for everyone. If you don't understand how to program your own Indicators or Systems with Omega Research's EasyLanguage then this enhanced feature is not right for you. With this in mind, The Weintraub Day Trader does come with a set of pre-programmed Indicators ready to apply. You are only a few mouse clicks away from having these invaluable tools at your disposal! However, if you do feel reasonably comfortable with EasyLanguage, you will find these advanced tools a valuable addition to your trading arsenal.

No "Black Box" Logic Allowed

All the logic for the Pivot Point calculations, the 3x1 and 7x5 Trend Identifiers are fully detailed. The suggested usage rules are also described. These are simple-to-use techniques, grounded in sound logic and self-adjusting to meet any unexpected market condition. The pivots are based on the most recent volatility. Of course, if the first levels are violated and prices accelerate to the Livel II pivots, it means volatility is expanding. As you would expect, the software automatically adapts to the change in volatility and the next day's calculations are self-adjusting to reflect the new volatility in the market.

"It's like having a copy of a floor trader's daily cheat sheet!"

It's time to decide how to seize the power of these floor trader's secret numbers. Remember, these are the same numbers Neal teaches to professional floor traders who use them to "pick off" the uninformed orders flowing in from teh public. If you want to have these figures automatically generated each day, see them boldly presented on your computer screen and be alerted when they are violated, the Weintraub Day Trader package is the answer.

If you know how to program your own Omega Research EasyLanguage code, and you are comfortable designing custom Indicators, Systems and Strategies with EasyLanguage, The Weintraub Day Trader will take you to the next level and let you harnass the power of the Weintraub Pivots. Either way, you'll learn how to follow Neal's advise and "Stop trading like the public!"

Remember, The Weintraub Day Trader includes the powerful 3x1 and 7x5 Trend Indicators that instantly tell you the direction of both the current short and intermediate term trend.

How Do I Order?

These techniques are taught at seminars for more than $800.00. Now you can get them "on disk" (or in electronic format) for a fraction of the seminar price. The software, complete with a detailed manual, is available for either TradeStation or SuperCharts. The Weintraub Day Trader, complete with EasyLanguage User Functions, is available for only $900.00. Registered owners of older versions of The Weintraub DayTrader Software Library can upgrade to the latest version (TradeStation 2000i and 7 only) for only $300.00

Special Bonus: For a limited time, when you order the Weintraub Day Trader software package, you will also receive free 60-day phone access to Neal, who will personally tutor you as you learn exactly how he uses these numbers to trade more effectively.

To Order: Simply fill out the order form and mail it with a check or money order, payable to Synercomm, for $900.00 plus $10.00 (Domestic U.S.) for shipping and handling to Neal at the address below.

For more information on ordering The Weintraub Day Trader Software Library please contact Mr. Neal T. Weintraub by eMail or call :

Neal Weintraub
8815 Ewing Street
Evanston, IL 60203
(800) 753-7085
(312) 338-0878

Trading involves the risk of loss, as well as the potential for profit. past performance is not a guarantee of future results. This offer should not be construed to express or imply any guarantee of future profits. All investments carry risks and all trading decisions of an individual remain the responsibiilty of that individual.

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