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Fast Efficient Custom Programming in EasyLanguage

The Adjusted Stop Level (ASL) Library
For Omega Research and TradeStation Products

By the Co-Developer of the Candlestick Forecaster

Matheny Enterprises has announced the Adjusted Stop Level Breakout (ASL) Library for Tradestation. The software application will plot the Adjusted Stop Levels as well as issue detailed buy and sell signals. The Adjusted stop level system was developed by Mr. Brad Matheny as a means to compliment the candlestick analysis technique. The ASL Library for Omega Research products is the result of a co-operative effort between Matheny Enterprises and Mr. Samuel K Tennis, of Vista-Research. Mr. Tennis, one of the original developers for Omega Research, assisted in assuring the compatibility of our interpretative modules with SuperCharts.

This software program is ideal for anyone interested in learning to use an effective and profitable market price breakout system. This software application includes the following:

This is an example chart showing the ASL system for Tradestation 2000i.

This is an example chart showing the ASL system for Tradestation 2000i.

  • Detailed Buy & Sell Signals
  • Suggested Stop Placement Levels & Trailing Levels
  • Analyze Intra-Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts and more...
  • Plots the ASL Levels, Buy & Sell Signals
  • Plots ASL Trend
  • Enable/Disable all text messages
  • Color Control
  • Includes TradeStation Strategy
  • Includes Expert Commentary

ASL System Inputs for Tradestation 2000i.

If you are looking for a fantastic addition to your Omega Research product for day-trading or swing trading, this could be the solution for you.

The ASL Library for Omega Research Products price is $250.00 USD and is available now.

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