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Fast Efficient Custom Programming in EasyLanguage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1) Using EasyLanguage, I'd like to instruct my system to close all trades at the end of each day. Anyone know the sytax for doing this?

A1) The other answers I have seen are accurate, they are not totally generic. By using the "Sess1EndTime" function my version is independent of time zone and bar interval settings.

EasyLanguage code for all versions Prior to TS6
if  (Time = @Sess1EndTime)  then begin
  if  (@MarketPosition  > 00)
    then  ExitLong  ("lx.EOD") on the close ; { long exit }
  if  (@MarketPosition <  00)
    then  ExitShort ("sx.EOD") on the close ; { Short Exit }
end ; { last bar of data only }

EasyLanguage code for TS6. The "this bar" or "next bar" though totally redundant (because you can not pick which you want for an order type) to EasyLanguage is required. Notice that "ExitLong" is replaced with "Sell" and "ExitLong" is replaced with "Buy to Cover".

if  (Time = @Sess1EndTime)  then begin
  if  (@MarketPosition  > 00)
    then  Sell         ("lx.EOD") this bar on close ; { long exit }
  if  (@MarketPosition <  00)
    then  Buy to Cover ("sx.EOD") this bar on close ; { Short Exit }
end ; { last bar of data only }

Extracted from Omega Kowledge base :

I have Strategies from TradeStation 2000i that do not work correctly after conversion to TradeStation 6. How do I resolve this issue?

Modifications to EasyLanguage integrated into the initial release of TradeStation 6 resulted in a failure of some Strategies to generate orders after conversion from TradeStation Pro. Only Strategies from TradeStation 2000i converted for use in TradeStation Pro, and then converted into TradeStation 6 have been known to encounter in this issue. Strategies that do not properly generate orders must be edited in order to comply with the EasyLanguage modifications. The following modifications relating to this issue have been integrated into EasyLanguage:

New Reserved Words

Buy - No change from previous version
Sell Short - Replaces Sell to create a short position
Sell - Replaces ExitLong to close all or part of a long position
Buy to Cover - Replaces ExitShort to close all or part of a short position

Additional Change

All orders must now be followed by "this bar" or "next bar".
For example:

Buy to Cover ("Profit") 10 contracts next bar at MidPrice stop;
"this bar" or "next bar" must be included in the statement in order for the Strategy to generate orders.

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Transfer, or Import/Export, EasyLanguage modules

Q1) Thanks for the great commentary on the o-list [Omega-List@eskimo.com] today. Is sp6 [TS6] not able to read ELA or ELS?

A1) TS6 can read ELS (and think ELA, don't have it open ATM) files but it can only write to ELD format. So you can do your work in 20001 (and presumably TS4) and go up, but if you create code in TS6 you have to resort to the good old "Cut and Paste" method to get it back out...

Q2) Can studies be imported from previous versions of TradeStation products?

A2) Yes, studies, signals and strategies exported to ELA (TradeStation 4.0) or ELS (EasyLanguage PowerEditor 2000i) formats can be imported into the TradeStation software from the "File" - "Import/Export EasyLanguage" menu.

Q3) How do I transfer EasyLanguage files from previous versions of TradeStation?

A3) After you have exported your previous EasyLanguage files to ELA or ELS format files using your previous version of the software, use the "File" - "Import/Export EasyLanguage" menu in TradeStation 6 to start the "EasyLanguage Import Wizard". Follow the prompts to import the ELA or ELS file(s).

Q4) How do I import EasyLanguage studies (ELD, ELS, or ELA files) into TradeStation?

A4) Use these steps to import EasyLanguage studies into TradeStation 6:

Select the "File" - "Import/Export EasyLanguage" menu.
Verify that the "Import EasyLanguage file (ELD, ELS, or ELA)" selection is highlighted and click the [Next] button.
Enter the path and filename for the file you would like to import, or use the [Browse] or [Scan] options to search for files.
Once you have selected the desired file, click [Next] to continue.
Uncheck any types of studies that you do not wish to import and click [Next].
Uncheck any of the specific studies that you do not wish to import and click [Finish].
Click [OK] once the import is complete.
You will now be able to access the imported studies in the same manner as other installed studies.

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Third-Party Sources of Data

Q) Is there a web site somewhere that says what market/financial events will happen today (or tomorrow, etc)? Something that says, "At 8:30 EST the employment figures will be released."

A) Try looking at these sites for starters...



Bureau of the Public Debt

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Maintaining your collected data

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Import data to, or Export data from, your Symbol Portfolio

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The Omega-List@Eskimo.com

One of the services Vista-Research provides is directing you to good sources of information. A number of Omega (TradeStation) clients have banded together to provide a source for self-help. This is a FREE service. The Omega-List is a Mail List from which you can receive messages individually or in Digest format.

Click here to view the info on line or download a Micro$oft Word DOC file explaining how to subscrbe (at no cost) to the list.

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Trading Related Clubs and Groups

Yahoo Group "Ask Mr. EasyLanguage" (MrEasyLanguage)
Category: Business & Finance > Financial Professionals > Traders
TradeStation allows users to build their own studies (Indicator, PaintBar and ShowMe) and trading systems using a simple but powerful language called EasyLanguage. Once a system is created you can back test the system, and TradeStation will tell you exactly how much money you would have made or lost, had you placed actual trades using that system. "Ask Mr. EasyLangauge", published by Traders Press, is the definitive book on for anyone needing to learn Omega Research's EasyLanguage.

Subscribe to MrEasyLanguage
Powered by groups.yahoo.com

Yahoo Club "EasyLanguage"
Category: Software
Discuss EasyLanguage for TradeStation Users,

Yahoo Group "OmegaTradeStation"
Category: Investments
Category: Investments (see also)
The club for Omega TradeStation users.

Yahoo Group "Online Platform TradeStation 6"
Category: Online Investing and Trading
Category: Online Investing and Trading (see also)
TradeStation Clients who want to talk about TS6.

Yahoo Group "TradeStation User Group"
Category: Daytrading
Category: Daytrading (see also)
This "club" seems to have mostly porn offerings on it, but you are invited to "bring it to life".

Yahoo Club "Wizards of the RoundTable"
Category: Software
This is a "private club", by invitation only, contact William Gallwas (leader of a Chicago users group) for more information.

Yahoo Group "Wizards of the RoundTable"
Category: Software
Category: Software (see also)
This is a "private club", by invitation only, contact William Gallwas (leader of a Chicago users group) for more information.

Yahoo Group "Scale Trading Commodity Futures"
Category: Futures and Options
SCALE TRADING - ScaleNet is a moderated not-for-profit mailing list for the discussion of Scale Trading ( originally divulged by Robert Wiest ), Interval Trading, Interval-Based Position Trading, and all the possible improvements on the Scale Trading method for commodities and futures trading. This forum is not to be used for purposes of solicitation. By subscribing to ScaleNet you affirm that you are aware of the risks involved in trading futures and options, that you make your own trading...

Yahoo Group "Scale Trading Group"
Category: Financial Professionals / Traders
Welcome to “Scale Trading Group” A professional discussion group of the Scale Trading method for commodities and futures. The formula for scale trading was originally described in Robert F. Wiest’s book “YOU CAN'T LOSE TRADING COMMODITIES.” This is an open forum without censorship. The only requirements are that the discussions focus on “Scale Trading” and are conducted in a business-like manner. Because of Federal“ copyright laws” we must request that members not e-mail charts or published...

A note from one of the Clubs:

Please don't rag on Sam. This board was dead until he started posting and more good information has crossed the board since than had crossed for several months prior. Thanks Sam. Keep posting.

Help on Yahoo! Groups

Q) What is Yahoo! Groups?

Yahoo! Groups is a free service that allows you to bring together family, friends, and associates through a web site and email group. You don't need to know HTML to create your own site. Yahoo! Groups offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas.
We have hundreds of thousands of email groups that you can join in an easy-to-use, privacy-protected, and spam-protected environment. You can use the Yahoo! Groups service at our web site or through any email program.

For the full listing please click here...

Q) How do I set up my Yahoo! Groups account?

Joining Yahoo! Groups is easy! To get started you will need to register for a Yahoo! ID and link it to any email addresses you wish to use for Yahoo! Groups.

Click here for more help...

Q) How do I join a group?

For help in joining a group click here...

Q) How do I verify my email address?

In order to use an email address for Yahoo! Groups, the address must be verified. The easiest way to set up your account is to use the Membership Wizard. The wizard will show all of the email addresses you currently have available for use in Yahoo! Groups. Any unverified addresses will be listed at the bottom of the second page. Next to the address will be a Verify link. Click on the link to generate a verification email that will be sent to you at that address. Follow the instructions contained in the email to complete the process.

For more help in verifying your eMail address, click here...

Q) How do I unsubscribe from a group?

For help unsubscribing from a Yahoo! Group click here...

Q) Why am I getting a sign-in error about "cookies"?

The Yahoo! Groups web site requires that your browser accept cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored by your browser to help identify you. If your cookie is not accepted correctly, you will be signed out of your account as soon as you move to a different page. Some older browsers are not able to accept cookies.

Please make sure that your browser is set to accept all cookies. If you are still having trouble, try closing all windows and then deleting the cookie files in your browser's program directory. Usually, these files are called "cookies.txt" or are stored in a folder called "Cookies." Then, try signing in to Yahoo! Groups again.

For hore help on cookies click here...

Q07) Help with file sharing.

One of the benefits of this group is the ability to share files [presumably related to EasyLanguage code].

For hore help sharing and downloading files click here...

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Chicago, IL

We meet every first Saturday of every month. We would love to have the opportunity to have you address the group. Keep us in mind on your next trip to the Windy City. Last meeting over 100 persons.
Best Regards,
William Gallwas

Striker Securities, Inc.
(312)987-0043 (800)669-8838
"William Gallwas"

The San Jose, CA area TradeStation Group meets the second Saturday of every month at the Campbell City Library.

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