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Ehrlich Cycle Forecaster by Stan Ehrlich and Vista-Research

The Ehrlich Cycle Forecaster™ is the natural evolution of the highly successful physical tool the Ehrlich Cycle Finder™ developed in 1978. The software helps you find, average, forecast, anticipate, be alerted to, and profit from cycle lows and highs separately. Works in any time frame minute to minute, or monthly, and everything in between. Works on any type of chart, Commodity or Stock data, technical study charts, indicator charts, trading bands, and more. Even helps you find cycles on technical studies!

The Ehrlich Cycle Forecaster is an add-on to TradeStation Technologies TradeStation 6.0™, Omega Research's TradeStation 4.02000i and SuperCharts™ For $299.00 you get the software and instruction manual Emailed to you.

Call 415-892-1183, or Email to Stan@StanEhrlich.com. Here is a sample chart with the Ehrlich Cycle Forecaster showing cycle lows on the cash Dow Jones.

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