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Samuel K. Tennis

PO Box 1984
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32549
Sales (850) 243-5105
Fax (510) 743-8274


Recent Letter From A Valued Client
"Sam Tennis has asked me to send him a testimonial for his new web site."
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Samuel K. Tennis - Fast Efficient Custom Programming in EasyLanguage

Help is now available!!!

Please do not miss our "Help" page (click on the question mark icon, right end of top menu). There is a lot of useful information here!

We have also added a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) page and a "Tips and Techniques" (TnT) page.

Ask Mr. EasyLanguage is the definitive book for anyone using any of Omega Research's products and attempting to learn to program with EasyLanguage. Ask Mr. EasyLanguage was written by Samuel K. Tennis, one of the developers of EasyLanguage, in such a way that anyone can read, understand and learn to program using EasyLanguage.

This book is also an invaluable tool for anyone who is thinking of hiring a programmer to develop his or her trading strategy in EasyLanguage by quickly teaching the context of EasyLanguage - so you learn to "Speak EasyLanguage".

Optimus Futures is a professional "futures broker" that offers a number of trading platforms and technologies.
We recommend to reach out to him if you wish to utilize "TradeStation".
Please reach out to them 800 771 6748 or local 561 367 8686

Vista-Research's founder, Samuel K. Tennis, is an accomplished software engineer with more than twenty years of experience. One facet of Vista-Research is the ability to automate nearly any trading system into EasyLanguage or other programming languages. Mr. Tennis can quickly and effectively develop your trading strategies into EasyLanguage for your use. Mr. Tennis can also employ the full features of TradeStation's PowerEditor, StrategyBuilder, RadarScreen, Indicators, Expert Commentary, On-screen Text, On-screen Trendlines, and much, more with your strategy.

Take a look at some of the products Mr. Tennis has recently developed in conjunction with industry leaders...

Custom Programming

Custom Software Development
For Your Omega Products

Custom Programming

Stan Erlich's Cycle Forecaster
Neal T. Weintraub's Day Trader Library
Matheny Enterprises PFP
Matheny Enterprises TC/BR Library
Matheny Enterprises ASL Library

Electronic Support Service

Ask Mr. EasyLanguage Book
Order E.S.S. Now
Only $90 Per Quarter

"Electronic Support Service" (ESS) which provides you the ability to have an "on-call technical consultant" waiting to assist you by fax or email. Mr. Tennis will personally respond to your technical questions. If he does not know the appropriate answer, he will attempt to refer you to a source that can resolve your question.

Using this service, there is no need to worry about technical issues - you have a expert ready to assist you any time you need it.

"Priority Response Service" (PRS) is available for only $300 per Quarter. PRS provides immediate "Human-Contact" technical support via a dedicated phone line. Mr. Tennis will personally answer all of your technical questions.


Back issues of The VISTA-Research and Trading Report (VRTR) available NOW in PDF (Acrobar Reader) format.
Collect all twenty issues. Ready today for Electronic Delivery.

Click here for more information!

Another facet of Vista-Research is the "VISTA Research and Trading Report" (VRTR). Vista-Research's VRTR is a newsletter based publication that includes Technical Articles by industry leaders, EasyLanguage tips & techniques, EasyLanguage Code, Omega Product Feature Reviews & Guides, EasyLanguage "How-To's" and much more. Each issue includes unique content for Omega platform users and example code. Currently, only past issues are made available. Vista-Research will soon announce a new "Digital" version of the VRTR product.

Order VRTR Back Issues
VISTA Research and Trading Report

VISTA Research and Trading Report

Matheny Enterprises
Trading Libraries

Ask Mr. EasyLanguage Book

Visit Matheny Enterprises
To Order Their Products

Vista-Research and Matheny Enterprises have a long relationship of co-developing trading libraries for Omega Platforms. Mr. Tennis develops all of the EasyLanguage code for Matheny Enterprises trading libraries to insure complete compatibility with Omega's platforms. Brad Matheny and Samuel K. Tennis collaborate in the implementation of the trading strategies developed by Mr. Matheny.

The result is advanced trading strategies which can easily be added to TradeStation or SuperCharts to potentially improve your trading results. For more information, we suggest you visit www.ment.com.

Matheny Enterprises BLM Indicator Library
Matheny Enterprises BLAM Library
Matheny Enterprises PFP
Candlestick Library
For SuperCharts

Matheny Enterprises TC/BR Library
Matheny Enterprises ASL Library
Matheny Enterprises PFP
Candlestick Library
For TradeStation

The Ehrlich Cycle Forecasterô is the natural evolution of the highly successful physical tool the Ehrlich Cycle Finderô developed in 1978. The software helps you find, average, forecast, anticipate, be alerted to, and profit from cycle lows and highs separately. Works in any time frame minute to minute, or monthly, and everything in between. Works on any type of chart, Commodity or Stock data, technical study charts, indicator charts, trading bands, and more. Even helps you find cycles on technical studies!

Erlich Cycle Forecaster

Ehrlich Cycle Forcaster
Order Now

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